All payments will only be accepted via BTC and ETH only.


AGROCRYPTO.COM is an innovative platform use in marketing agrocryptocoin and it’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A robust promotional offer is usually attached to the ICO period which may be up to 250% of the coin purchased. Agrocrypto has a perfect business model to make sure the success of blockchain technology is achieved by exposing it to the world.
Agrocryptocoin is a peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Agrocryptocoin is an open source, world-wide payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. An Investor can CASH OUT part of his/her agrocryptocoin every month to FIAT CURRENCY or make COIN TRANSFER to other person. Agrocyptocoin is the future of Agriculture, real estate and auto-trading.



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Our mission is to make agrocryptocoin the top recognised cryptocurrency worldwide. We also aimed at making food and shelter available in abundance by scaling up Agricultural productions and Real estate management, as well as auto trading and manual trading through the use of agrocryptocoin has payment gateway thus creating large number of multi-millionaires.


We focus on making agrocryptocoin one of the best cryptocurrency world-wide. Agrocryptocoin will soon worth thousands of dollars as it has a unique feature in which others are lacking; the monthly release of Agrocryptocoin to FIAT CURRENCY for its investors.


This is a beginner level and covers 2 levels; Level 1 and 2. Sign up is Free; but a member can decide to invest as low as $200 and as high as $1999, marketing may be required. An investor can also get up to 5-10% promotional bonus of his/her investment capacity especially during ICO. Weekly withdrawal is also allowed.

LEVEL 1 ($200- $499): Up to 100% instant bonus, $0.1 to $1 or daily profits, 5-10% Referral and level bonus and many more..

LEVEL 1 ($500- $1999): Up to 150% instant bonus, $2 to $10 or daily profit, 10-15% Referral and binary bonus and many more..

level bonus ranges from 1-7 Level deep; Investors who refer a new member will be receiving referral commission on the member for life as far as the member keeps buying more coins.



This is advance level and covers 2 levels; Level 3 and 4. Sign up is Free; but a member can decide to invest from $2000 upward. An investor can also get up to 10-20% promotional bonus of his/her investment capacity especially during ICO and also earn reward as a biggest investor. Investors will have access to landed properties in his/her location. Weekly withdrawal is also allowed.

LEVEL 3 ($2000- $3999): Up to 200% instant bonus, $415 or more monthy withdrawal or $5 to $30 daily profits, 15-20% Referral and 1- 12th level bonus and many more..

LEVEL 4 ($4000 upward): Up to 250% instant bonus, $1000 or more monthy withdrawal OR $25 to $50 daily profit, 20-25% Referral and binary bonus and many more.

Binary bonus ranges from 3-12th Level deep. Investors who refer a new member will be receiving referral commission on the member for life as far as the member keeps buying more coins.


How It works

If Smith buys 8000 AGC on the 20th OCT, and if the price of:

- 1 AGC = 0.50 USD

Then Smith Initial Investment is 4000USD OR (8000 AGC)

Smith will now get 300% INSTANT coin bonus of his invested capital = 24,000 AGC OR (12000USD)

Total Coins in Smith wallet is now ($4000 + $12000) = $16,000 OR 32,000 AGC

Remember Smith bought the coins for : 4,000 USD only but now has $16,000.

During the same period the 10 biggest investors stand a chance to win a trip to Europe for 2 on a full board package OR a brand new car.

$1000 or more worth of coins will be release for Smith every month to withdraw to FIAT CURRENCY and cash out.

Smith stands the chance of having promotional bonus of up to 20% during first to third week of ICO apart from the INSTANT BONUS. Smith can end up having up to $20,000 in his Wallet.

Besides this, there is REFERRAL INCENTIVE which is designed especially for those who refer new clients to AGROCRYPTO through their referral link, a robust level or binary bonus is also awarded INSTANTLY FOR WITHDRAWAL.

For example if Smith is the investor (deposit 4000 USD to earn referral & affiliate commission) and he introduces Loveth who bought 20,000 AGC tokens valued at 10,000 USD. Here Smith receives a referral incentive up to 3,000 USD which can be withdrawn via a withdrawal request made in website client's cabinet system immediately. Smith will be receiving referral commission on Loveth for life as far as Loveth keeps buying more coins.


Compound interest is very important because it makes an investor earn more robust profits.

If Smith decides to RE-INVEST his available/referral bonus (3000 USD) and use it to buy more Agrocryptocoins, Smith will get another 250% INSTANT BONUS ($7500) again for re-investing $3000 and as well as promotional bonus and some incentives if ICO is running.

The person that refers Smith will get another referral bonus and keep getting it as long as Smith keeps RE-INVESTING

Agrocryptocoin also increases in value as time goes on, and Smith can make more money from the increament in coin value if he re-invest and keeps it in his wallet without withdrawing to FIAT currency.

You can download our WHITEPAPER at the DOCUMENT section to learn more.


Alex Becket

(Project board director)


(Lead blockchain developer)

Jasmin Davis

(Project Manager)


(System Architect and developer.)



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